Hi, I’m Francesco Perrotta, born in Naples and I’m 21 years old.

Ever since I was very young, I was and am a great lover of technology, from small remote-controlled cars to flying drones, although at the time there were still unsophisticated electronic systems.

I have always been fascinated by the “New“, by what we could define “Unknown“.

In 2005 I received my first PC (Personal Computer). I started to learn and get to know the Technological Era that was rapidly join in my life and everyone’s life.

So I began to understand my vocation and passion for information technology.

In 2010, after visiting hundreds of thousands of websites, I asked to me… how can i you create a website? So I started doing some research and studying the first computer languages.

In particular, I studied HTML, PHP and CSS, which are Formatting languages ​​for websites.

Exactly after 1 year in 2011, I put online my First Website.

In 2014, after graduating from secondary school, I enrolled in the Liceo Scientifico Nazareth in Naples and at the same time my information technology training continued …

During my studies in high school I obtained the EIPASS Computer License, that is a certificate validated by MIUR which certifies basic computer knowledge, and I also started to learn some programming languages.

By now, I had decided, my dream was to train me and work in this sector …

In 2019 I graduated from the Scientific High School, after finishing secondary school,

In 2020 I started C, C ++ and C # Programming Languages ​​Courses.

In 2021, after having trained on what is at the basis of information technology and the design of software and electronic systems, I DECIDED to enroll at the University to deepen my knowledge and graduate to be able to establish myself and work in the field of computer science and technology.

I therefore enrolled in the Faculty of Computer Engineering at the Federico II University of Naples.

I am currently continuing my training in computer science but focusing in particular on Intelligent Automatic Electronic Systems or commonly Artificial Intelligence (AI) since I am sure they will be the new PHASE of development of our Technological Era.

Today I’m getting a degree in Computer Engineering, sure to improve everyone’s life with New Inventions and Technological Systems!